Bye from Marta before Kevin takes over

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This blog was created by me and written by me til December 2019. I started it to share things that made our life easier at home and while traveling. ‘Our’ meaning my vegetarian coeliac husband (now ex husband and still friend) and I with wheat/peanut/cashew/shellfish/soy/legume/cheese intolerances plus a penchant for researching everything about food and health.

That penchant and reading just about ‘everything’ including the scientific non-biased debunking of The China Study book, Game Changers documentary etc moved me from believing vegetarian/vegan was the right way for health and the environment, to thinking we need to stop treating diets like religions. I have been witness to many people changing diets to fix themselves and I myself have tried several. The one I like best for myself is ‘The Perfect Health Diet’ with the absence of liver as my body has enough copper in it already probably and even the smell turns my stomach. Are you listening to your body?

The truth is we all need to find what makes us thrive individually – simple as that. We do not need to justify it further. Plenty of things in the vegetarian diet contributed to chronic health issues for me. The Dalai Lama has to eat meat as did not fare well on a vegetarian diet. Legumes can cause inflammation and are in the list of first things to stop consuming if you have Multiple Sclerosis – the lectins in beans are an enzyme that can cross the blood-brain barrier causing more inflammation in the brain. Avoiding beans helps some MS sufferers.

We should not ever feel shame or guilt about treating our bodies with respect and fueling them how they need to be fueled to feel well – our health IS the most precious thing we have but you won’t value it until you lose it. We can all agree we don’t want animals to suffer and that they do in intensive farming. There is too much marketing hogwash and propaganda out there basically to try to sell whatever product it is they want us to buy more of. Guess what foods the director of ‘Game Changers’ sells?

Too many myths about that get pushed and accepted as truths – are even promoted as truths (oh man – that makes me mad). I understand that livestock are essential for the eco circle, the contribution of cows to green house gases has been vastly exaggerated and meat for some people is simply not an optional food source. Fruit and veg today has a fraction of the nutrients it used to have. Animal poo on the land helps those nutrients.

The old traditional ways of farming are best and I am a big supporter of farmers who are fierce advocates/practitioners of animal welfare or who are rewilding their land. Rewilding has brought back species that were on the brink of extinction (a butterfly not seen for 20 years in the UK is one example) because I echo again that animals trampling around fields are necessary for the circle of life – another thing that excites me about rewilding that I have to tell you is that when farmers stop controlling weeds and hedgerows, cows wander over to eat plants now growing again that heal them instead of having to pump antibiotics into them. Nature is full of answers and we should stop bloody well messing with it which means also not removing the cows.

Processed foods, whether meat based or not, are bad for us. So beware those GF substitutes and sugar – please eat real food most of the time. Also be aware that as you age you need more protein so when you hit 50 you will likely need to up protein intake. Just promise me you will listen to your body and not the propaganda over what to eat, ok?

I wanted to keep this blog going as a useful resource re the vegetarian and gluten free combo that makes some people feel healthier, so my ex work colleague and dear friend Kevin is taking over. Thank you Kevin x.

Rice noodles pot from Kabuto – make a Samurai’s heart sing

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Well here we have pot noodles but better. Way better and posh even. The original gluten free vegetarian was very excited to try out a new pot noodle made with rice noodles he spied in the supermarket the other day in England. The words ‘gluten free’ were like a beacon.

“Vegetable Laksa – a rich rice noodle dish with coconut, chilli, peppers and sweetcorn”. It brings a smile to one’s lips because not only is it rather delicious but the instructions on the back are funny. The founder’s story is interesting too. Quite a quest he went on in order to make a pot noodle taste as good as a restaurant experience. Sword off to you sir.

This is what I was thinking:
Why is it that restaurant noodles taste healthy, fresh and authentic, while supermarket noodles come in Southern fried chicken and doner kebab flavours? And: how can you put something worth eating in a packet, then a box, then drive it to a shop, then sell it for as little as 10p?”

On the pot: “Beware Samurai, for your noodles will be hot… Failure to follow instructions will bring great shame to yourself and your family”

Shame the rice pot version is sadly lacking.

Gluten free vegetarian bliss in Gran Canaria

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In draft – work in progress

The original gluten free vegetarian Andrew went for a week’s holiday and sent back glowing reports via text messages of his culinary experiences. Gran Canaria is one of the islands known as the Canary Islands which belong to Spain and can be found in the Atlantic ocean way off North Africa. He was staying in Maspalomas.

“Just been to a restaurant and every single thing on the menu was available gluten free!! – Restaurante ok, Avda. Tirajana 19 Barbados 1, Local 1, 35100 Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

[pizza ok]

Fusion restaurant in Playa del Ingles. Ceiling mirror with Amanda eating rice poet spring rolls and my Tom Kah soup! – Fusion Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Avenida Espana 12, Apartments Las Gacelas, 35100 Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain


Food has been amazing so far this trip. Here is my Tofu Pad Thai.


Gluten free Pizza. Chef is from Florence!!  – Restaurante Pizzeria Piccola Italia, Calle San Agustin 2a, Planta Loc. 156, Calle Las Dalias S/N, 35100 San Agustin, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain

[Pizza photo]

Pics below from Piccola Italia – we are there again. Gluten free chocolate souffle. Absolutely incredible.  Then I had gluten free spaghetti arriabiata and Amanda had mushroom and black truffle risotto. All actually looked better in reality than photos.  Taste and service and attention to detail incredible. Price in Euros – risotto 12, pasta 7.90, pudding 7.80.

[Souffle n risotto n spaghetti 3 pics]

Spaghetti looks small but it was enough. Had a salad to start. One of the best Italians I’ve been to probably after Florence.

Gluten free in all supermarkets. Maspalomas is a great location. You’d like it. Hardly any kids. Very very gay oriented. Lots of Germans, hardly any Brits. Better weather than Lanzarote but not so good for driving. Went into the mountains today. Amazing scenery but hard windy day drive.”








Butternut squash risotto recipe

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Butternut squash risotto recipe by Quintins of Lanzarote

Note the won tons are optional but do add a nice crunch. You may have other ideas on how to add an easier gluten free crunch.



100g rice

100g butternut squash

1 small onion

Won ton pastry (make your own gluten free version)






Sweat onion in knob of butter in a pan.

Add risotto rice

When soft add water to right consistency

When rice is nearly cooked add liquidized butternut squash

Add two pinches of dry veg stock

Salt and pepper to taste


Saute mushrooms and spinach in butter

Leave to cool

Stuff wonton with mushrooms and spinach and deep fry


Serve the risotto topped with the deep fried parcel plus some fresh salad leaves drizzled with balsamic dressing