Welcome to our musings and finds for the gluten free vegetarian

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The Noo cooks up a storm even in a small kitchen in a rented cottage on our beloved Lanzarote. Why beloved? Because we can actually find something to eat. Being fed = happiness!

We’re Marta and Andrew (Noo) living in Bournemouth in the UK. I do the writing and Noo does most of the cooking. We both love the eating and would describe ourselves as foodies. He’s been a vegetarian for many years and end of last year was diagnosed with celiac disease. On average it takes 13 years to diagnose but as his mum is also a celiac he was tested for it straight away. I have been dairy free for a decade and wheat free for about a year since I worked out I am sensitive to it. I avoid eating meat for health reasons and am currently preparing to go on a healing diet which should help my endometriosis. I have been horrified to find out how rubbish soy is as every day for a decade have been having soy milk because dairy didn’t agree with me. Since ditching the soy milk I have already noticed a difference for the better and love the magic that we are what we eat. Sometimes we don’t have the full choice of what to eat and could find ourselves struggling to know what to eat so this blog is to help whether you are vegetarian or celiac / gluten free / wheat free or worse both which can be quite a challenge, especially if eating away from home.


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