How to fly gluten free and not starve tips

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Quite simple really and not extensive but here are our tips for what we do when flying somewhere for business or pleasure as we are both gluten free.

We buy ‘Baked To Taste’ brand pies of the Spring Vegetable variety and cook them night or morning before. We put them in plastic boxes (still in their foil trays) saved from Chinese takeaway along with a Nakd pecan bar each. The boxes are then useful at the other end if we buy some GF bread that needs to be kept in sealed container once opened or just from the ants ;-).

Spring Vegetable pies are good as they have a top and don’t have meat which would go off faster plus Andrew is a vegetarian. You don’t want to take anything that is too liquid (even hummous dip) as from experience celiac or not the security people will not let you through with that and you’ll end up hungry after all.

We choose Nakd pecan bars because all others have cashew which I am allergic too and these bars are a great energy giving snack. However if someone has a severe nut allergy as they had on last RyanAir flight we took we were asked not to open or eat anything with nuts so could not have them.
We often just fly with hand luggage so the food does makes things bulky. While in the airport departures lounge we buy a couple bottles of water and get a carrier bag at same time from WHSmiths. You are allowed a bag of stuff bought in departure lounge so we then take out of our hand luggage the things we need for the flight i.e. water, food box, ipod, book. Don’t take the Mickey and massively fill your carrier bag or you will arise suspicion. The hand baggage then shrinks a bit and will fit into the special size check crate when you go through the gate.

On the way back we may ask a cafe to make us a lunch or if self catering we’ll do our own and we can use our plastic boxes again. In Spain the places that sell you water don’t give you carrier bags normally but for a few cents you can normally buy a bag from the duty free shop selling perfumes etc. and you do the same thing keeping what you need handy for the flight and debulking your carry on hand luggage.

Andrew has a letter from the Dr saying he is a celiac that must follow a gluten free diet and if we needed to we could take an extra bag for free on RyanAir of gluten free food. We would have to ring the special assistance line where you’d for example book a wheelchair and they will sort it out with you but you need to know size of bag and if going as hand or hold baggage. As it happens where we have been so far had shops selling GF goods so we have no need to do this as yet. Would be interested to know if other airlines are so celiac friendly.


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