Pandora’s Bakery, Ferndown (took over Pure Bake Cakes in West Moors, Dorset) – gluten free options on pre-order


This is a useful one for locals or visitors to Poole or Bournemouth who are happy to pre-order gluten free baked quiches or sweet stuff.

I was excited about going to a cafe that exclusively did gluten free for lunch (had read about it on the website of Sarah the gluten free blogger who used to live here) but sadly the owner of Pure Bake Cakes had retired and it was now part of Pandora’s Bakery who are a normal bakery. There is nothing available that is gluten free in the shop as GF goods have to be pre-ordered but now we know :-).

The journey over was not entirely fruitless because they managed to find a tiny GF white loaf at bottom of their freezer that had been there a long time and sold it to us for a £1. On walking to the shop we had found a £1 coin so that was free bread! The loaf provided some nice brioche like toast for us and was quite okay.

Bakery goods that can be made gluten free by pre-order:

  • Various Quiches
  • Cookies including Viennese Fingers
  • Cakes & Muffins e.g. vanilla, coffee, chocolate, carrot, coconut, fruit etc

The very friendly and helpful owner told us she knew Sandwich Etc in Poole High Street and John Browns Garden Centre in Three Legged Cross do GF options too.

Pandora’s Bakery Contact Details – open til 2pm

150 Pinehurst Road, West Moors, Ferndown BH22 0AT

Tel. 01202 874 504 | Mob. 07971 341 176

Anyone tried them before for cakes? We avoid refined sugar so won’t be testing them ourselves but would like to how their gluten free cakes rate.


2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Bakery, Ferndown (took over Pure Bake Cakes in West Moors, Dorset) – gluten free options on pre-order

  1. I have tried their cakes. They are very sweet and my favourite is their carrot cake. It is nice as a treet but i would not eat it all the time unless i had a serious sweet tooth.

    • Thanks for the review Kirsty. We often steer clear of such things because often far too sweet. What nobody needs more of in their diet is refined sugar and fat that isn’t even part of a meal. Good job they do quiches too.

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