‘Most celiacs are slowly dying’ scared me but was invaluable

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If you find eating gluten free is not enough to make you feel good, you should perhaps check out a really good book Andrew read recently called ‘Breaking the vicious cycle‘ which explains digestion and what foods are particularly bad for it. There’s too much to say about it to fit in blog post so do look at the Amazon listing for more information. This is one of those where you take what you need from it and don’t necessarily follow it religiously. Although it is aimed at severe and chronic conditions Andrew did not suffer from and can help autism too, he found it very useful as he had a spell of feeling sick nearly daily that went on for months.

After reading the book he detoxed to start with a clean sheet as it were and then followed this strict diet for a few days and then went back to his normal diet bit by bit but less processed foods and including more natural foods. We now make our own thick yoghurt from goat’s milk, fermented for 24 hours to get rid of all the lactose and it is delicious – super delicious with fresh cherries and a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs. We now both religiously avoid sugar and use some raw food recipes as they are great for adding a bit of sweetness using good stuff e.g. we made raw chocolate and walnut truffles sweetened with dates and they were amazing. For Andrew it was about giving his digestive system a break and life is so much better when you don’t feel nauseaus.

Raw chocolate and walnut truffles – healthy eating is an absolute pleasure we find. We look and feel so much better too, especially now we make the effort to exercise regularly too which aids bodily functions. We only eat raw some of the time – it’s nice to have super healthy ways to prepare smoothies, salads and sweet treats.

The SCD or Specific Carbohydrate Diet is ridiculously restrictive, more so if you are a vegetarian like Andrew who does not eat fish, but can and does make a world of difference to people. The lessons about food and digestion in the book are very interesting. We came across it when I stumbled on this article – http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/03/the-gluten-free-lie-why-most-celiacs-are-slowly-dying/. A scary title which upset me too much to read it (can’t bear the thought of losing my beloved husband) when I first saw it in Google results but then it played on mind. Something made me google the words again and the track of its thoughts have helped Andrew a lot indeed. The article, while scare mongering, has some very useful information about why your digestive system may still be broken even if you are eating gluten free. Even the comments have useful stuff. For example there’s an interesting comment from a medical person at the bottom of it “Lisa Shaver· National College of Natural Medicine – There are many grains and foods that are gluten-free that cross-react with gluten. Meaning the body recognizes millet or sorghum, coffee or yeast as gluten. Hence more inflammation, more T cell infiltration, damage, etc.”

The scary article is a bit sensationalist written to sell American get-rich-quick long pagess stylee (sell their service that is which seems to be a ‘Breaking the vicious cycle’ for dummies which some could find useful, but Andrew found the information in the book perfectly adequate on its own). However  I can tell everyone that Andrew’s celiac mum who was diagnosed very late after getting very very sick with celiac disease, so she is super tiny and can’t put on weight as her vili are so damaged, is 77 years old plus for 15 years has eaten lots of the things she should not in theory (all the heavily over processed gluten free alternatives) so please don’t think it is that doom and gloom for ‘”most celiacs” as the article purports but some people do have specific issues which need more than steering clear of gluten and something like the Metabollic Typing Diet book will tell you some people are just not tuned to eat grains, whether they are GF grains or not.

Personally as I read more I think altogether it is better to try to eat more naturally, not rely on grains, realise that for some individuals grains do not agree with their metabollic type and I am looking forward to read ‘Nourishing traditions’ to find out how to properly cook grains.

Anyway I want to extend a heartfelt thanks very much SCD Lifestyle and a million times over for scaring me, as it has led to Andrew feeling so much healthier and happier.


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