Is Quorn really a healthy option or bad for you?


Eating soy over the long term was very bad for me personally (and is banned in the Endo Diet) and I felt heaps better as soon as I gave it up so then we are left with Quorn as a source of vegetarian protein that imitates meat. Not vegan as it uses eggs.

I noted someone said in passing they would never eat soy or Quorn so have been trying to read up on whether Quorn is bad for you and why. Well first of all it is a heavily processed food and not really natural as they like to describe it. But is that so bad as it is awfully hard to avoid processed foods. All flours, gluten free or not, are processed heavily.

It is definitely bad for some people who are violently ill when they have it and there’s even campaigns to class it as an allergen to warn people of a possible reaction or not sell it at all.

Currently Quorn is not a ‘safe’ food for those who are coeliacs but many still eat the versions where it is made without wheat derivatives in a factory that also handles gluten etc. and feel no side effects.

My conclusion is that I will continue to have it occasionally but not regularly, treating it the same as all processed/modified foods.

A heartening update to this is that my friend KC who has been a vegetarian for ages told me “Isn’t the upset stomach thing sorted now? For the first few years of Quorn I could not eat it without stomach cramps as was the case with a lot of people, and it was a well understood problem by the manufacturers which is why a few years ago they managed to modifiy the production of it and it does not cause problems for many people any more. I certainly noticed it didn’t give me problems after the change.” If websites are going to quote people’s complaints they should really put the date of the complaint too. That’s the trouble with the web – you cannot date the food propaganda always.

And on another happy note we found Quorn hotdogs without wheat in them in Sainsburys the other night. We love veggie hotdogs and since becoming gluten free have been eagerly waiting to be able to have them again.


3 thoughts on “Is Quorn really a healthy option or bad for you?

  1. Hi,
    Some interesting points. I agree with you that processed food of any kind is best kept to a minimum. `
    I did notice that a lot of the bad propaganda against Quorn dates from its introduction into America. I’m pretty sure the US meat industry wanted to keep people off of vegetarian food!
    I usually stick to making my own meat alternatives from mashed beans, tofu etc, anyway as it works out cheaper than pre-packaged vegetarian fayre 🙂

  2. I’ve tried both the Quorn mince & the hot dogs & I have to say the taste is amazing… it really is like real meat. I tend to use the mince in pasta dishes with sauces etc… The hot dogs are fine as well. I have had no absolutely no reaction.. it tastes the same, feels the same.

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