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Hurray! I have just discovered that mysupermarket have a gluten free shelf. This is a great way to see what is available at various UK supermarkets that we may actually be able to eat. Would be even better if they had a way to order the list by newest products so you could easily see what was new. The site’s purpose is actually to help you find the best deal. Take a look at the gluten free shelf at Sainsburys which we reckon has the best free from aisle and then you can use the drop down top left to change store to see what the others have to offer. Clicking on a product shows you where it is sold from the list of participating supermarkets and also the prices it is sold for. Click on the nutrition tab to get an allergens list and list of ingredients.

I first came across when searching on Google for Amy’s meals as there are more yummy sounding options on the Amy’s website than what I have seen in local supermarkets. It’s a UK comparison website for food shopping. I find comparing prices really handy because free from ready meals are so rare we have to shop in Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose and Tescos to get all the products we enjoy. No Morrison’s near us.

When I can’t face the trek to and around the supermarkets, which is often, I usually make two online orders. One from Sainsburys and one from Asda. The main reason we visit Waitrose is to buy their fabulous olive oils (they are actually surprisingly rubbish for vegetarian and/or gluten free) and we go to Tescos purely for their mushroom veggie burger which happens to be gluten free and delicious! Ironically some products are cheaper at Sainsburys – especially the more exotic weird diet type foods or there’s a special offer on there that Asda doesn’t have. I hate to miss out on a deal especially when my shopping bills are huge as it is.


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