Who in/near Bournemouth wants to be on a gluten free food tasting panel?

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We’re on a gluten free tasting panel and they need more volunteers in Bournemouth and near by. We love it as we get free gluten free food like pizza, veggie bakes, fish cakes and lasagna in return for critical feedback to help the factory improve their frozen recipes for their own brand Georgia’s (GF chicken nuggets using real chicken already in Asda & Tescos). The lady who owns the company lives in Bournemouth too and her autistic daughter is gluten intolerant. She’s on a mission to make GF food easy and healthy. She wants to do Saturday afternoon events in Bournemouth where you can bring the family too and otherwise can drop off boxes at your home too. Would be great if you could donate your taste buds. If interested please email me at marta [insert the at sign] theglowcafe.com.


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