Gluten free sugar free recipes rant

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Oops – another gluten free sugar free recipes cookbook feels my wrath.

I follow a facebook page/website that promotes gluten free stuff and while unable to sleep one night and surfing, having seen a new one on the scene I felt the need to post the below comment/rant about these gluten free sugar free recipe books. They are marketed as healthy but the authors are a dangerous combination of a) blindly under the marketing dollar/pound spell of so called ‘healthy alternatives’ and b) not well read enough on the subject of food including scientific papers not to use substitutes that are also of concern to one’s health.

The sugar free bit scares me but even the gluten free choices could be better. Should ideally be flour blends of rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch if you want to go for the best choice.

The particular book had a co-author who is a Nutritional Therapist. Yes I have been to one of those. Paid an awful lot of money for a consultation to someone who followed a course linked to selling products from that organisation’s website and I was shocked that I knew more about food than she did when it came down to the nuts and bolts. All I do is read tons as a firm believer in the food hospital concept as someone who has seen great health improvements by changing her diet and is on a quest to de-riddle myself of all health issues. I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat. I try to be sugar free for my waistline and my health generally. I am gluten free for health reasons, because wheat makes me sick and is quite handy really as my husband is a coeliac. Anyway I am sure there are some great Nutritional Therapists out there.

Okay so they don’t use the evils that are sugar and wheat but “instead they list franken food ingredients such as xylitol, agave syrup and soy spread. Agave perhaps less of a franken food but the stuff you will be able to buy is not the same supposed healthy agave, is fructose at the end of the day and terrible for your liver. They are not good for you if you are serious about healthy eating and read extensively about them, including the latest research. More health food mis-marketing.

If anyone does want to cook with xylitol it is essential they know it is deadly to dogs so do not give them any leftovers!

This book is a step in the right direction but the authors to be guilt free, need to realise a sweet tooth can be tamed, there is no need for many things to be so sweetened (particularly as so many eating gluten free/coeliacs are obese which brings me on to the need to reduce carbs too ideally) and I hope they remove the rubbishy substitutes out of the equation in their next book.

Let’s get some real healthy eating recipe books out there for the gluten free as if not slaving over a hot stove we won’t find great nutrition in ready products we can buy, which because they do not contain gluten or are flour based let alone the norms of convenience food, have already been heavily processed.”

If anyone comes across a truly healthy gluten free sugar free recipes source whether a dedicated website or cookbook, please let me know as I’d love to list it below as a goodie! I’d also really like to use it myself.


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