Gluten free cake recipes on a budget for Valentine’s

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I love food and I love cake. I have little self-control and a fat woman trying to bust out of me that constantly needs to be kept in check, so the answer is cakes that are as healthy as possible avoiding gluten, sugar and fat.

Buying them I have found to be crazily expensive – £15 for a 2lb loaf tin size chocolate cake made to order (gluten free, dairy free and with dates for the sweetener – over £20 for something fancier and larger like the one I go on to mention below) and we’re down in Bournemouth so in London this could be double. However when you add up the cost of the ingredients for £15 they won’t be making a lot of profit.

The thing is sugar and fat are cheap ingredients, as well as addictive, so to be healthy you will need to see grocery shopping as making investment purchases.

Harry Eastwood's fabulous chocolate and aubergine cake that tastes divine

Harry Eastwood’s fabulous chocolate and aubergine cake that tastes divine

Let’s take a gluten free cake recipe I love and which is brilliant as a treat on Valentine’s Day – aubergine chocolate cake. Okay so it sounds weird but oh my word it is really good. It is very healthy because you not only avoid so much fat but get in some of your 5 a day through using the aubergines which work blissfully well here to give an exquisite texture. This recipe also avoids grains and so many sources I have stumbled upon in recent healthy eating reading keep pointing to consumption of grains being bad for us. It uses a ton of chocolate which needs to be great quality and that is going to be really expensive alone even before we get to ground almonds and brandy.

One way to keep costs down is to use a price comparison website such as It’s a little bit tricky as you can’t get the identical brand in all supermarkets and they sell it in different quantities but here’s a shopping list for what’s needed to make this cake based on items widely available that can be compared for budgeting reasons (some will be left over for future cake wonders):


It seemed extravagant to include the brandy as would make it a very very expensive gluten free cake ingredient shop (that £15 or £20 to have one made to order is suddenly seeming extremely reasonable) so let’s assume if you are going to use the brandy, you have some already as well as salt and baking powder in your kitchen. However in the spirit of making the most of your budget here is how the price of some brandy differed.

Finding the cheapest supermarket to buy your brandy

Finding the cheapest supermarket to buy your brandy

So Asda looked like the best place to shop to make this particular cake recipe – helped a lot by it’s super chocolate price even when not on special offer. Prompted we went to stock up on chocolate last night as we love a bargain. In fact their own brand 70% chocolate although not organic is only £1 per bar so we bought that and so far it is very nice to eat and has not made it into any cakes! Leith’s Cookery School helped select it for taste and I’m liking their choices. We had tried Lidl’s on recommendation but when we bought the same chocolate in Lidl in Lanzarote it tasted completely different (as if you were just eating fat) and it put us off somewhat.

And with Valentine’s Day in mind why not check out what Valentine’s offers they have at mySupermarket. You could go for a nice box of organic chocolate or create the right mood with some Valentine’s candles all over the house. Don’t start a house fire though – just a little flame in the heart! Failing that, ply them with alcohol ;-).

This is a sponsored blog post. Prices correct as at 24 January 2013.

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