A facebook group for coeliacs doing Slimming World

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This is such a fabulous idea. Check out the facebook group that shares recipes and shows you can be doing Slimming World even if gluten free.

I have heard lots of positive reviews of Slimming World for successful weight loss including from Lisa who I know from the Poole and Bournemouth Facebook Group for Coeliacs. I’m not coeliac (just wheat intolerant and prefer to avoid grains for my health) but husband is and it is a friendly supportive group.

My friend Sandra did it and had wonderful results. I was really amazed at how much she was losing every time we met. She was very diligent with following the eating guidelines and with exercise. She even hosts a Slimming World group now in Burton, Dorset and some of her ladies have lost so much weight that they have been able to reduce or come off medication. I think that is brilliant. I’m really proud of Sandra not only for her own achievements, amazing will power and being a walking inspiration but the difference she is making to the health of others too with such love and kindness.


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