Puerto del Carmen vegetarian and/or gluten free

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Eating gluten free or vegetarian in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen is the tourist capital of Lanzarote. For our guide to the rest of Lanzarote please click here.

Calle Teide, Carmen Old Town

The best place to head for is Calle Teide in the old town. Full of great restaurants and don’t have those annoying touts as they have loyal following and great reviews on Trip Advisor too.

** Bodecos, now called Bozenas, (Polish restaurant with some Irish and vegetarian dishes too on the menu) in Calle Teide (at the start) above the old harbour is a really lovely restaurant indeed with good food and brilliant service. Very sympathetic to allergies/intolerances. Open for dinner only now and make a reservation first as can get very busy.

They do have a number of vegetarian dishes but could really do with a rethink to ensure they contain more protein for balanced nutrition (more pulses, nuts, eggs and cheese please) but their heart is in right place trying to cater for non meat eaters. Vegetable biriyani bears no resemblance to a true biriyani (more a general creamy veg curry but is very nice indeed). The gypsy vegetable potato pancakes are Andrew’s favourite. If there are any meat eaters with you they should go for the beef stroganoff with potato pancakes as it is delicious. Had mine gluten free and was so delicious it was nearly worth the flight over here! If you are liking the sound of the potato pancakes please give two days notice so that Bozena can prepare them with gluten free flour for you.

Zbojnik - beef stroganoff type stew in gluten free potate pancake

Zbojnik – beef stroganoff in gluten free potato pancake

Open from 7pm apart from Sundays. Second and further visits: better and better!


Just after Bozenas are Kristians (chef needs 24 hrs notice so please book a table) and the Carribean place (does mushroom stroganoff) which both said they can do gluten free vegetarian too. We will give these a try soon.

*** Casa Cabana. We love a place prepared to do veggie or gluten free options beyond what they already have marked on their menu – exactly what we found at Calle Teide (number 9) in Casa Cabana open Mon to Sat 18.30 to 21.30. Best service we have experienced on the island. Super helpful re advice on the menu and all the staff were on the ball re our needs. So your veggie gluten free options are bean based chilli, pasta or stroganoff. For dessert you will be spoilt for choice. Great portion sizes and reasonable prices. We loved this place and will return often. I has sea bass (small portion) and was too full for pudding. They have lots of nice touches of simple food done well. We got gluten free bread rolls to start too.

* Emma’s Mexican is opposite Casa Cabana. Open from 6pm except Wednesdays. If you go you get a discount card for coming back on a Thursday or Sunday which are changeover days. Lovely friendly staff and nice food but we weren’t huge fans of their guacamole.

Next to Emma’s is a Valentino’s which gets good reviews on Trip Advisor and is a relatively new place but they have no gluten free options, therefore I think you should also go and ask about them about ‘sin gluten’ until they get with the programme :-).

** Blooming Cactus Veggie Restaurant with Take Away option to stock your self-catering fridge or eat in the beautiful candle light and marvel at the exquisite tea set. Far end of Calle Teide at 35 does small choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes and has some wheat free options as well as lactofree / dairy free. They will be able to advise what is gluten free as well as wheat free. They are open evenings from 6pm to 10pm except Mondays. Nice and warm on winter evenings which is important. Tapas style menu with strong Greek theme by the lovely Scottish Tracy! General veggie choice is great and from previous years would recommend keftedes and mousaka. Falafel were too dry even with extra of tomato sauce and the Greek roast potatoes lose their pazazz once they have been chilled sadly. So far we’d always done take away but 3rd time round, eating in was better. Best of veggie gluten free hands down was the dhal which was mild enough for Marta to enjoy too. When we ate in it was overtaken by the peanut curry which sometimes is made without the shoyu. Mild and so yummy I had to help Andrew out with his as it was a delight – I was having chilli with soya mince and means which is a nice dish too but not half as super as the peanut curry. Let them know by email or phone when you are coming a few days in advance as they pre-prepare food in batches it seems, as they can leave out ingredients like shoyu or use substitutes so you’ll be able to have more choice. Second and further visits: dishes don’t seem to be hits consistently and not as good as before but then others shine, so our advice is just order what you fancy and not necessarily what we have had before.

Blooming Cactus is gorgeous at night

Elsewhere in Puerto del Carmen

Antica Trattoria di Verona (Avenida de las Playas 53 – far far far end from Old Town along the strip) and La Casa Del Parmigiano (our favourite food on Lanzarote) (Calle Alegranza corner by the Fariones sports centre and Fariones Hotel by old town near where the strip begins) are both owned by the one person were recommended as good places for celiacs by the manager in the place we dined the last night and the best of everywhere we ate out in our two weeks in 2011 – Lilium in Arrecife. Finally in our Feb 2012 trip we got to give them a try. They are twin Italian restaurants at opposite ends of the town sharing same menu and hours of 1pm to 11pm except Mondays. Had a very yummy gluten free tagliatelle with bolognese sauce – only Tuscany has rivalled their bolognese. Andrew had gluten free pizza – bought in pizza so not so great as these are always quite hard but good topping. For best gluten free pizza go to Alessio’s in Costa Teguise where it is made fresh. Marta had an amazing steak there. Now do gluten free garlic bread too but is Schar product so hard again. Their gluten free pastas are very good as is fish or meat.

Gluten free pastas at La Casa Del Parmigiano

Gluten free pastas at La Casa Del Parmigiano

For homemade gluten free pastries and other sweet stuff you can’t beat Il Buongusto, Calle reina sofia, 42 (at the top so quite a hike up but well worth it – close Xmas and New Year for a couple of weeks), 35510 Puerto Del Carmen. a lovely cafe with terrace and wifi and view across to the sea.

Up the hill from Biosfera on the left is Quintins. Very nice decor, great service and lovely food. The butternut squash risotto was heavenly but ask them to leave out the won ton parcels from the dish as Andrew got glutened and we think it was these. Would still be good without them.

If you have a car or fancy a short taxi ride from Carmen’s old town, you can also go over for dinner to the next town Puerto Calero to a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Las Margaritas where they make corn tortillas and make cocktails using real fruit.


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