Udis gluten free snacks arrive in the UK

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Udis have launched a range of gluten free snack food which is my polite way of saying junk food. I was hoping it would be food that would work for meals and be healthier. I had to challenge them on the ‘choosing gluten free as a healthy option’ selling point as soon as I read the very long list of ingredients including chemicals aplenty.

However if none of that bothers you and you have become gluten free coming from a diet which previously included Pop Tarts, Pringles and being on first name terms with the local patisserie, which you’d like to continue, then do read on.

I am going to confess their chocolate chip and toffee flavoured muffins were gorgeous and it was nice to have such a treat that was not over sweet as many gluten free items turn out to be. Probably the best gluten free muffin I have ever had that was not home baked.

The bagels were filling indeed  – this is one of their selling points that their foods satiate you somewhat. They did not have enough taste though and I think it would have been better to make them plain rather than try to be a sweet cinnamon affair so you could also have them for lunch. They were cinnamon and raisin but you wouldn’t particular know it – I had hoped they’d be reminiscent of tea cakes or raisin toast once smeared with lovely butter. Sadly not. I have just checked out their full product range and they do have plain bagels too. I was heartened they had more health friendly starches at least in the form of ‘Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour and Potato Starch’. We enjoyed half a bagel each for breakfast. I liked mine with some hazelnut butter and chopped banana.


Andrew tried the very Pringle like Jalapeno Cheddar Ancient Grain Crisps which he found were coated in a white powder that just tasted overly processed for his liking – too strong a flavor and too artificial.

It took many weeks for anyone in our household to summon up the courage to go near the Pop Tart like toaster pastries . In the end I conceded on a day of many hours working when I was starving hungry and there was nothing else I could have in a hurry. The strawberry are tastier than the apple ones in my opinion. The amount of sugar in them does frighten me at over 20%. They turn into a goo in your mouth and cement themselves into your gums which is a big downside.

I try to eat healthily so generally avoid sugar and grains. It was interesting to me that after a few days having an Udi snack day after day that I found myself, the first time for many many years, falling into a dark pit of depression. I have read poor diet can affect one’s mood so do wonder if I should say no to trialing the types of foods I would usually avoid in search of good health. It seems the cleaner you eat the more affected you are when you go backwards returning to junk food and my body has always been pretty sensitive. I was fine with peanuts once upon a time (only cashews made me violently ill in last couple of decades) but now since not having peanuts for a long time when I did have some peanut butter because my hazelnut butter had run out, my tongue and mouth started to go super tingly, and I started to feel very ill. Perhaps it is better to just keep eating everything you can unless you are battling chronic illness :-).

In summary great muffins and pretty good bagels which get a gold star for using the healthiest flours.

See the whole Udi’s gluten free range available in the UK.


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