Rice noodles pot from Kabuto – make a Samurai’s heart sing

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Well here we have pot noodles but better. Way better and posh even. The original gluten free vegetarian was very excited to try out a new pot noodle made with rice noodles he spied in the supermarket the other day in England. The words ‘gluten free’ were like a beacon.

“Vegetable Laksa – a rich rice noodle dish with coconut, chilli, peppers and sweetcorn”. It brings a smile to one’s lips because not only is it rather delicious but the instructions on the back are funny. The founder’s story is interesting too. Quite a quest he went on in order to make a pot noodle taste as good as a restaurant experience. Sword off to you sir.

This is what I was thinking:
Why is it that restaurant noodles taste healthy, fresh and authentic, while supermarket noodles come in Southern fried chicken and doner kebab flavours? And: how can you put something worth eating in a packet, then a box, then drive it to a shop, then sell it for as little as 10p?”

On the pot: “Beware Samurai, for your noodles will be hot… Failure to follow instructions will bring great shame to yourself and your family”

Shame the rice pot version is sadly lacking.


One thought on “Rice noodles pot from Kabuto – make a Samurai’s heart sing

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