Food and health – what I have learnt

There’s a lot of mis-information out there because the food industry wants to shift its produce so doing the reading I have been doing of late has thrown up some nuggets of new awareness I’d like to share. If you are vegetarian already most of this will be old news:

  1. Eating too much dairy and meat actually leaches calcium from our bodies. If you read about dairy in Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Diet book you will probably want to throw up and then never have dairy again. Gross dude! It’s just wrong. First my body didn’t want it and now my mind doesn’t.
  2. Best way to avoid cancer, diabetes, disease etc. is to be a vegan but it will help greatly to just shift the balance of what you eat toward that end of the spectrum and away from having meat or dairy at every meal. Eating meat/dairy has a horrific impact on the environment from seas of animal excrement to deal with to using incredulous amounts of that precious resource water (growing crops takes far far less) and eating less would be beneficial not only for our health but the world. If you are in the US think twice about eating meat/dairy at all as there is not the governance in place we have in Europe to stop all sorts of nasties getting in the food chain like cremated pets, never mind the antibiotics!
  3. Wheat affects many as an allergen because it is relatively speaking quite new in the human diet and we’ve gone nuts using it in too many foods, therefore eating too much of it. Plus the crops have been messed about with (genetically modified) to produce better yields.
  4. Grains really are not that great for you and especially when processed into flour etc. Avoid white foods and gluten free substitutes which are heavily processed. Basically avoid white foods. Enjoy things like gluten bread occasionally by all means but think twice about having these foods every day.
  5. Soy is actually bad for you for a host of reasons unless it is fermented. And if you are a woman having health issues with her lady bits absolutely keep away from it – find other dairy substitutes and read up on healing diets. I read up on healing diets and only got as far as giving up the soy milk I had been having daily for last decade before I noticed a rapid improvement in my health. I only have soya very occasionally now and I do notice I go downhill if I have too much of it! Wish I had known this years ago. See also this anti-soya article in the Guardian.

    Marta’s first home made rice milk – goodbye Soy milk forever

  6. Acid bodies get sick so eating alkaline foods or at least tipping the balance away from acid foods is definitely the way to go. Processed sugar was the hardest thing for me to eliminate and I used to have cravings for desserts daily, but it is evil on many fronts for your health like creating an acid body.
  7. If you kick the sugar don’t embrace agave nectar instead as it’s not good for your liver. Maple syrup is better for you than agave.
  8. Macrobiotic is a bit like the alkaline diet and can make you feel truly amazing from the inside out. I can testify to this from the fab feeling of energy and happiness I had after eating 2 small macrobiotic salads in Lanzarote. The goodness was shining out from my core like a beacon. Try it!
  9. ‘Free range’ label or intimation hens are happy does not mean they are freely wandering around a field scratching ground under blue skies. Likely your eggs come from a shed with 4,000 chickens many of whom will never make it to the hole to go outside. The male chicks could be sent on a conveyor belt dropping them live into a machine that macerates them into paste for pet food. Buy eggs labelled as organic free range and where they specify they are free to forage on fields. Best still if you can buy some from someone who keeps chickens or visit the farm.
  10. Just because eggs are sold at a farmer’s market does not mean they didn’t come from caged hens and they could also be buying their veg in and passing it off as organic or letting you think it is farm fresh. You should always wash fruit and veg thoroughly, then peel it. If it was imported it is going to have be sprayed for sure. Buy local produce where possible and you should also be eating what’s in season for your region.
  11. B12 is the one vitamin really worth taking if you are veggie says the author of the China Study.
  12. You need quite a lot of protein (approx 1g per day per 1kg bodyweight) and to eat it every day as it is not stored by the body. Also different foods give you different elements of nutrition but you need all of them which is why many veggies take spirulina and protein shakes.

Any websites we find useful for the gluten free vegetarian amongst others we share here over at my other blog called The Glow Cafe in addition to tons of other stuff.


2 thoughts on “Health

  1. The linked article on soya milk (and all soya products) is worrying. I do drink soya milk, usually daily but I’ve recently begun to swap it for almond milk or coconut milk. Are these options a better choice in your opinion?

    • Much better. Soya is evil. I avoid it like the plague. Buy unsweetened to be angelic as sugar in these can be high. Better still is to make your own almond milk using a powerful blender and mylk bag – you will find many how tos via google and youtube etc. I don’t have the cooking gene or time so buy mine. There is a wonderful yoga teacher called Ruth Bush in the New Forest (so close to you from what I understand) who also runs raw food courses and she teaches how to make almond milk as part of her course. You may want to call her if interested and ask if she is going to run more or if she will do a 1-1. I eat Perfect Health Diet-ish myself these days and the loves in my life are always vegetarian for some reason but I found the course really useful in finding more ways to prepare and enjoy veggies. We also did a raw food course 1-2 with Jackie n Salisbury as were seriously considering buying a dehydrator. Decided against it as you need to be super organised in advanced and was a noisy thing.

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